Kentucky Songstress, Dancer, & Inspiring Educator.

Carla Gover is a seventh-generation Kentuckian who hails from a small coal town in Eastern Kentucky, and her rural sensibilities permeate the work that she does and the music that she plays. The Old-Time Herald says, “Carla’s music contains the best elements of traditional Appalachian Music, including purity, intensity, integrity, and vivid imagery.” An award-winning singer-songwriter, she has covers by major artists as well as songs in film and documentary soundtracks.  She is the Artistic Director for the Cornbread & Tortillas Collective of Appalachian and Latino artists, and she was recently selected as a Master Artist in Traditional Flatfoot Dancing by the Kentucky Arts Council. She performs solo, with her band,  and also with the #1-charting folk band Zoe Speaks and is active in community building, multi-disciplinary arts projects throughout Kentucky.


Cornbread & Tortillas

Memorial Hall, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

We are excited to be presenting our show at the Appalachian Studies Conference!


Zoe Speaks @Kentucky Crafted

Allteach Arena Kentucky Horse Park, 4089 Ironworks Pike, Lexington, KY

Public Admission (Saturday, March 14 - Sunday, March 15): $9 online or $10 at the door (Children 15 and under free with adult admission.)

Online Ticket Purchase: Purchase tickets (

Parking: $5.00

The Kentucky Crafted Market offers art, live music, literature and food

Nearly 150 exhibitors of fine art, craft, books and food Featuring two days of Americana, bluegrass and world music performances Specialty food products from Kentucky Proud members Hands-on activities and a holding area for purchases

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Bilingual folk opera.

Bilingual folk opera.

Roots music from the heart of KY.

Roots music from the heart of KY.

Professional songs for film and licensing.

Professional songs for film and licensing.