Whether I’m working with you to craft the perfect message in a custom song for your loved one, cheering you on as you reach the next level in your picking/singing/dancing in one of my classes, or having a big time with you in real life at a workshop or concert, everything I do is about helping you connect with tradition, express yourself, and find your yee-haw!

Never again will you feel like you’re “too _____ to sing/dance/pick”! You’ll finally feel like the worthy, capable, creative soul that you are!

Singing, songwriting, music and dancing to help you connect with the beautiful traditions of Appalachia and wring every drop of goodness from your life!


• You feel confident in your dancing and like “one of the cool kids” as you tear up the dance floor with your new moves!

• You can’t wait for your next jam session or song swap, to show off the haunting, awesome East Kentucky tunes and ballads that make you the toast of your event!

• You’re part of a community of like-minded souls, full of enthusiasm, kindness, and zest for living that inspire you on your path!   

This could be you...

- Joe from NYC

"About two years ago you wrote a song for me to give to a girl I had been chasing. She LOVED it.....to this day she references the song when we talk about us. Long story short, due in part to your efforts, she accepted my proposal of marriage yesterday!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME CATCH MY DREAM GIRL!!!!"

'Thank you for helping me catch my dream girl!!!'

- Maddy M.

“I have always told myself the story that "I can't pick up steps, otherwise I'd be a decent dancer" But your really clear instructions and videos have increased my confidence no end. I have always LOVED watching flatfooters at festivals, but your course has finally made it all click. I am finally NOT frustrated!”

'I am finally NOT frustrated!'

A step-by-step digital dance course for beginner and intermediate dancers that teaches tons of steps plus how to combine them to become a smooth, musical dancer.

• Go from dance overwhelm to feeling confident and comfortable in your body

• Build your vocabulary of Appalachian Dance Steps with 8 modules and 75 instructional videos to work through at your own pace!

• Become a fluent dancer and improviser with weekly group coaching from Carla

Appalachian Flatfooting & Clogging Academy

I’ll take you through the whole process to write a completely custom song, then record and deliver it to you. It makes a tender and touching gift for the ones you love the most.

• First, we’ll touch base to figure out who/what the song is for, when you’re hoping to have it, and talk about the styles and options I offer.

• Next, I’ll send you a packet of questions to fill out and a few bits of information I’ll need to get started on your song.

• Lastly, we’ll schedule a phone conversation to collect final details and finalize the overall vision for your song, and set a delivery date!

I write songs for folks who want to gift someone in their life or commemorate a special life event, relationship, or even a place.

Custom Songwriting

• Catch one of our live streaming concerts of Appalachian and rootsy folk music (a lasting legacy of the pandemic!)

• See what workshops I’m currently offering, from a rotating menu of Appalachian Ballads, Kentucky Clawhammer Tunes, Songwriting, and more!

• Come hang with us at a live show near you or learn from me at one of the music camps where I’ll be teaching!

I’m part of some great ensembles including the CornMaiz Kentucky Stringband, folk group Zoe Speaks, and the Cornbread & Tortillas Bilingual Folk Opera.

We offer a variety of online and in-person programming for kids and adults.

Workshops & Performances

• Virtually travel along to a different Kentucky locale each session. We'll visit a different county each time, and hear lots of fiddle and banjo tunes!

• Listen to interviews with the musicians, telling about their background in the music, and how they learned the tunes they're going to share. One of the beautiful things about learning Appalachian culture from actual mountain folks is the context and background they offer!

• Receive a video of Carla dancing along to the tune, improvising on the fly, AND receive a video dance lesson to go with each tune, breaking down the steps, ideas, and tips to help you improvise with that specific tune. 

You might not be able to travel through Kentucky right this minute, but in this 6-session course, you'll come along with me as I do, hanging out on porches, chatting about tunes, seeing me jam with the musicians, and hearing them tell about where they learned the music and how they got their start.

Then, when I get back home, I'll break it down and create a dance class video showing steps and ideas for improvising with each tune! 

If you love music, dancing, and Kentucky culture, give yourself this fun class where you'll learn more about improv and get a taste of traveling the hills and byways, completely at your own pace.

Kentucky Tour de Dance

- Beth C.

“When I saw that Carla was offering a class in Folk Songs of the Kentucky Mountains, I was so excited!

I was also a little nervous about the class because I’m shy about my singing and Carla is a highly respected singer and musician! I shouldn’t have worried! Carla is so warm, friendly, supportive, and REAL.

And she didn’t just teach us songs, but also the Eastern Kentucky/Appalachian style of singing that she grew up with and learned from her own family and community. Her stories added so much to my understanding of their meaning and importance to the culture. If you’re thinking about taking a class from Carla, whether it’s singing, dance, or anything else, don’t hesitate. You will never find a more patient, encouraging, or giving teacher.”

 'Carla is so warm, friendly, supportive, and REAL.'

- Kerry P.

"To be honest, the first time I heard the song you wrote for me and my husband, I cried. I just could not believe that you were able to capture our story in such a simple yet elegant manner. Thank you for all that you are and for putting your heart and soul into this project. I hope that you continue to touch the lives of those around you with your music."

'I cried the first time I heard the song you wrote for me and my husband'

• Enjoy 5 free original songs, banjo tunes, and mountain ballads from the hills of East Kentucky

• Learn the basics of mountain percussive dance in my free instructional video “3 Essential Steps for Appalachian Flatfooting & Clogging”

• Snag our video guide to making your own herbal tinctures and our cornbread recipe video!

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Carla is currently based in Lexington, KY, ancestral lands of the Adena, Hopewell, S’atsoyaha (Yuchi), Shawandasse Tula (Shawanwaki/Shawnee), ᏣᎳᎫᏪᏘᏱ Tsalaguwetiyi (Cherokee, East), and Wazhazhe Maⁿzhaⁿ (Osage) nations.

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