Carla is a treasure! How can one woman have so many talents? She sings, plays, and writes her own music, dances, tells tales, and has a wealth of knowledge of Appalachian culture. If you have a chance to work with her, don't let it pass you by!” - -Jenkins Independent District Arts Coordinator

*Note: For adult ensemble performances, visit Carla's COLLABORATION page HERE

Kentucky Songstress

Carla solo

The Old-Time Herald says, "Carla's music contains the best elements of traditional Appalachian Music, including purity, intensity, integrity, and vivid imagery." During her solo show, she sings, plays guitar, and showcases the rhythms of Appalachian through clogging and clawhammer banjo. Her performances include a variety of traditional tunes, ancient ballads, and songs she penned herself, which speak to issues both timeless and contemporary. 

Bilingual School Assembly

appalachia to the andes

This diverse show consists of two artists from Appalachia and two of Latinx heritage, and is a mix of Appalachian, Andean, and Mexican music, dance, and stories. Students will see and hear instruments such as the banjo, Appalachian Dulcimer, guitar, charango, zampoñas and quenas (Andean flutes), various drums, and rhythms made by dancing feet. Students will hear traditional songs of Mexico, Kentucky, and Ecuador, sung in English and Spanish. They will see and compare flatfoot dancing from Appalachia and several styles of colorful Ballet Folklórico from Mexico. 


School Assembly

appalachian heritage variety show

This lively show is filled with Jack tales, participation stories, sing-alongs, clogging, tunes on banjo, dulcimer, and guitar and a lot of information about traditions in the mountains. This is great for schools that wish to expose children to many art forms in one performance. This is a very fast-paced, participatory show and can hold the attention of all ages. 2-3 performers, 45-55 minutes.

Other Services

Consultation, Planning, Support

Recording and production for musicians

Making an album requires a lot of work, knowledge, and specialized skills. Carla has spent a lifetime learning the ins and outs of releasing music as an indie artist, and she is now offering her services to select artists looking to record and promote their music.

Carla will help you figure out funding, decide on a recording studio, and produce your album including arrangement consultation, instrumentation, and scheduling. She can also offer planning and assistance with crowdfunding, garnering fan support, registration of work, setting up digital and online sales, and connecting with fans via social medial. 

Contact Carla for a free consultation about whether you'd be a good fit for her services.