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Welcome to my blog and podcast, dreamer!

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Here's where I share articles, ideas, meaningful conversations, and actionable tips to help you live a life of creative freedom. And of course, ruminations on all things Appalachian!

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cornbread and tortillas on colorful cloth

We’re so happy to present our NEW video, “Home“! We are Kentucky artists sharing music, dance, food, and a big party! Some folks don’t realize that Kentucky is a place with much cultural diversity to share, and we’re working to change that. Our group, Cornbread & Tortillas, is a collective of Appalachian and Latino artists, […]

From Appalachia to Latin America: Kentucky’s Cultural Diversity

WATCH HERE! I’m super-excited to release my new video on the first day of the year. It’s a feminist Appalachian ballad that I performed with my daughter, and the subject is very dear to my heart. This song is a re-working of the Peggy Seeger song “B Side” as a warning ballad. Warnings ballads are […]


I grew up making sorghum each fall on Kingdom Come Creek in Letcher County, at an event called a stir-off. I honestly loved the stir-off time more than Christmas! We kids would get to ride the sled out to the field (pulled by the big Belgian mare) and watch the men cut the cane with […]

A Sweet Kentucky Tradition

I teach traditional dance of the Appalachian Mountains, and one of the of the first questions I often get asked in my classes is, “What’s the difference between clogging and flatfooting?” Buck dance is another name that you often hear for this group of related forms. So what’s the difference? The answer is both simple […]

Appalachian Clogging and Flatfooting and Buck Dance, oh my!

Anybody who knows me knows that I practically worshiped my grandmother. She was born in 1898 in a tiny holler outside Oneida, Kentucky, and she was pretty much a walking encyclopedia of How To Do Stuff. I followed her around like a baby chick, constantly begged her for stories about her life, and eagerly copied […]

Hoe cakes, bee songs, and play pretties…

After spending the past nineteen years teaching each and every summer at Cowan Creek Mountain Music School in Letcher County, Kentucky where I’m from, I’m beyond proud to announce that I’m stepping into a new role as artistic director of the school. I’ll be helping to facilitate the awesome adult and youth programming offered there, […]

New Role as Artistic Director!

This is a screenshot of some of my recent online classes. Like all touring and teaching artists, I have grappled with what to do with my time now that all concerts and events and camps are shut down. So, in addition to working on some recording projects and original music, I have chosen to develop […]

What Now?

After reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic, I was inspired to write this letter to fear. I wrote it at a moment in my life where I was on the cusp of being brave enough to finally REALLY embrace the life I wanted to live, after decades of gearing up for it and taking baby […]

Dear Fear: A Letter

One of my most favorite songs that I have written, Me & The Redbird River, is to be made into a children’s book! It’s a song that tells of growing up in Appalachia from a child’s perspective, and describes the beauty of the subsistence skills that have continued to flourish there.  And I am so […]

My first book is in the making!

This is my Big Mommy. Her name was Emma Wilson Hensley and she was from Oneida, KY. (Her name was pronounced “Emmer”, for those of you who didn’t grow up speaking mountain!) She was my Granny’s second cousin and one of her closest friends. She was my second grandmother. Like my grandmother, most of her […]

Big Mommy: Mountain Matriarch

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