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About Carla:

Carla Gover is a flatfoot dancer and clogger, a banjo player, a singer-songwriter, an educator, and a community organizer. She is an eighth-generation Kentuckian who hails from a small coal town in Eastern Kentucky, and her rural sensibilities permeate the work that she does and the art that she creates.  

She is the artistic director for the Cowan Creek Mountain Music School, which exists to preserve and perpetuate Appalachian musical traditions.
She is also the artistic director of the Appalachian/Latino collective Cornbread & Tortillas, which creates collaborative performances highlighting cultural themes from Kentucky and Latin American cultures.

She performs with CornMaiz String Band and Zoe Speaks, an original roots music group. She offers residencies, workshops, and educational outreach to schools and universities, both online and in-person.

God, that girl can sing.”

— Doc Watson




I'm super-excited to release my new song/video on the first day of the year. It's a feminist Appalachian ballad that I performed with my daughter, and the subject is very dear to my heart.

This song is a re-working of…

A Sweet Kentucky Tradition

I grew up making sorghum each fall on Kingdom Come Creek in Letcher County, at an event called a stir-off. I honestly loved the stir-off time more than Christmas! We kids would get to ride the sled out to the…

What's Your Heartset?

What’s your heartset? On my walk today, I was thinking about how we always talk about the importance of “mindset” to achieving our goals and dreams. But isn’t “heartset” just as important? We need BOTH heart and mind working in…

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