I'm a Kentucky Dancer & Musician with cornbread in my skillet and a song in my heart! Through my performances, recordings, collaborations, and online courses, I share flatfooting, ballads, and banjo with lovers of Appalachian Culture everywhere. Let me help you find your yee-haw!

Welcome to our front porch, our picking parlor, and our one-room schoolhouse.

I’m a multi-passionate mountain gal who believes that living a simple and creative life has the power to change the world, and I’ll bet you feel the same!

Whether you want to learn some dance steps or ballads, connect with the skills and wisdom of a mountain mama, or just to listen to some dang good music, I’ve got you covered! Stay for a spell, have a bite of cornbread and a sup of sassafras tea, and while the fiddler rosins up her bow, let’s get to know each other!

I'm a gung-ho flatfooter and clogger, evangelist of mountain music and culture, social-justice activist, change-making artist, and besotted partner to my Greek-hillbilly true love (more on him later). I'm SO glad our paths have crossed!

My 1925 Bacon banjo...

  • Connecting with like-minded folks and using modern technology to explore age-old folkways.

  • Giving yourself the gift of finally learning some brand-new old-time steps, tunes, or songs, or catching a live show (in person or online!)

  • Cutting loose and celebrating culture and creativity through music, dancing, and stories!

Modern Life
Stressin' You Out?

Howdy! I'm Carla!


- Annie B. Alaska

"I like how, as a dancer and string-band musician, you understand how to adjust steps for improvisational settings and to perform with a band. And you’re just such a nice and accessible teacher!

Your dance classes have seriously brought me so much joy! I can't wait until we can gather again and I can show off my new moves--I'm going to tear up every bar from Juneau to Fairbanks!"

'Carla's dance classes have brought me so much joy!'

- Arthel "Doc" Watson

“God, that gal can sing.” 

Workshops & Performances

I've been singing and writing songs since I was very young, and I'd love to share my music with you via a live show, workshop, video, CD or download, or your favorite streaming platform. Click on the image above to head to my music page, or the button below to see info about shows.


I’m pleased and proud to offer the world’s first online Appalachian Flatfooting & Clogging Academy, along with lots of other resources to help you learn mountain-style percussive dance no matter where in the world you are! Check out ALL my dance offerings by clicking the image above! 



• Enjoy original songs, banjo tunes, and mountain ballad downloads from the hills of East Kentucky

• Learn the basics of mountain percussive dance in my free instructional video “3 Essential Steps for Appalachian Flatfooting & Clogging”

• Snag our video guide to making your own herbal tinctures along with homey recipes from our family!

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Carla is currently based in Lexington, KY, ancestral lands of the Adena, Hopewell, S’atsoyaha (Yuchi), Shawandasse Tula (Shawanwaki/Shawnee), ᏣᎳᎫᏪᏘᏱ Tsalaguwetiyi (Cherokee, East), and Wazhazhe Maⁿzhaⁿ (Osage) nations.

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