My first book is in the making!

One of my most favorite songs that I have written, Me & The Redbird River, is to be made into a children's book! It's a song that tells of growing up in Appalachia from a child's perspective, and describes the beauty of the subsistence skills that have continued to flourish there.

And I am so thrilled to announce that this project will feature a collaboration with an artist for whom I have profound respect, Jeff Chapman-Crane. He has encouraged me in my music since my very first gig in Whitesburg, KY. In my opinion, he paints Appalachia and her people with the eyes of the divine, and he also made one of the most moving pieces of environmental art/sculpture I have ever seen (The Agony of Gaia). 

And now, brothers and sisters, I can hardly believe I am typing that he is going to create original art for the children's book based on my song! I can honestly say there is no living artist I'd rather work with on this project, and we will begin work (and pre-orders!) this summer! 

Fun fact: Thanks to everyone who keesp telling me my 9-year-old son is my "mini-me", he is going to dress in drag and be the model for "young Carla" in the book. (He has made it clear that he is to be paid in Legos.) And the search continues for the model to portray "Granny Ollie"! 

Be sure to join my mailing list (at the bottom of this page) so I can share the process and the journey with you all, and meanwhile, here is a painting by Jeff that I love. The personalities, landscapes, and quality of light he captures are so gorgeous and spiritual. Check out more of Jeff's art at his website HERE.

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