1. Paper Of Pins

From the recording Wings

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Carla: banjo/vocals, Zoey: vocals, Jesse: fiddle


Paper of Pins
traditional song from EKY

It’s I will buy you a paper of pins
It may be for to first begin
If you’ll be my true lover

I won’t accept your paper of pins…

Old rackamanjer raddlereedindee
I love a girl and she don’t love me
In for love I cry, Jack the money we’ll gain

It’s I will buy you a dress of red
All stitched around with a golden thread...

It’s I will buy you a little happy dog
To stay with you when I go abroad…

It’s I will buy you a little pacin’ hoss
To pace these hills and mountains across…

It’s I will give you the key to my chest
To get your money at your own request…

You think I’m blind and cannot see
It’s for my money and not for me
I won’t be your true lover