From the recording Wings

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Mitch: guitar/vocals, Owen: bass, Carla: vocals, Arlo: keys, Jesse: electric guitar


You’re Not So Alone
for the teen mothers of Pike County, KY
© 2018 Mitch Barrett, Redbird Mandala Music, BMI

Pretty Polly felt so all alone
She sang herself a sad song
She had no husband, or no family
So she’d hang herself in her pity tree

You’re not so alone
You’re not really that different
Everybody needs someone to hold
Their heart, their pain, their forgiveness

She filled herself with lots of things
But inside she felt so empty
She had booze and pills and sweets and things
Every night she cried herself to sleep

Over on the other side of town
In a window with no curtains
Sat a lonely boy, nay, a clown
He could not hide his hurting

The place he lived, he paid no rent
The building was abandoned
Just like him and the way he felt
That night she left him standing