From the recording Wings

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Carla: guitar/vocals, Mitch: vocals, Owen: bass, Jesse: mandolin/fiddle


There’s a Hole Where Your Soul’s Supposed to Be
© 2018 Carla Gover, Redbird Mandala Music, BMI

There’s an unpleasant truth I must tell
And I’m talking to certain politicians
If you look deep inside of yourself you will find
Something very important is missing

There’s a hole where your soul’s supposed to be
Your hypocrisy is plain for us to see
You pass bad law after bad law
Shafting babies, vets, and grandpa
With your smug smile of maniacal glee

You say you’re a Christian but you’re not
The words of the Lord you don’t support ‘em
You shame the sick, starve the poor, turn the beggar from your door
And if Jesus returns, you’ll deport him

You keep telling me you love the common man
And how your great scheme is gonna save our nation
But from what I understand, the two that profit from your plan
Are your bank account and giant corporations

In a room full of rich, old, white men
You write policy as fast as you are able
But when you’re voting on the fate
Of my reproductive state
I’d sure like to have some women at the table

There’s a hole where your soul’s supposed to be
You personify the patriarchy
Human suffering doesn’t daunt you, I’m pretty sure that Hell won’t want you
And your exploits will live on in infamy
With your smug smile of maniacal glee