From the recording Wings

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Carla: guitar/vocals, Owen: bass, Arlo: lead guitar, Jesse: fiddle, All: shouts


Give Me Some Sugar
© 2018 Carla Gover, Redbird Mandala Music, BMI

Don’t bring me flowers, don’t bring me pearls
Those things might work on some other girls
Don’t buy me diamonds, or golden rings
I don’t want them fancy trinkets that you bring
I don’t want no perfume to make me stink
And I would not be caught dead in a mink
You want to court me, I’ll tell you how
Just give me some sugar now

Oh, lay it on me, and make it stick
You can linger longer, or you can make it quick
You’re my sugar daddy, can’t you see?
So come and pour some sugar on me

At Christmastime, no need to stress
Over the color of size of my dress
Just wrap yourself in a big red bow
And go stand underneath the mistletoe
Our anniversary ain’t no big deal
Don’t need no movie or no fancy meal
So save your pennies, come over here
And give me some sugar, dear

I know I’m greedy for sugar on my lips
But at least this kind of sweetness won’t go straight to my hips
You’re the only sugar daddy, can’t you see?
For a sugar mama like me

You know what I want from my mister? (What?)
I’m gonna tell you. (Say it, sister!)

A buss or a smooch or a peck on the cheek
Makes me weak in the knees and light on my feet
You can give me a snog or a big beso
Like they do in England or Mexico
Kiss me naughty or kiss me nice
Give me one quick smooch or pucker up twice
I’ll bat my eyes and play along
But please don’t make me wait too long

I know I’m greedy….