1. Lay Down

From the recording Wings

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Mitch: guitar/vocals, Carla: vocals, Owen: bass, Arlo: keys


Lay Down
© 2018 Mitch Barrett & Carla Gover, Redbird Mandala Music, BMI

All the sheep have been counted, boy blue’s in the hay
Eyelids are heavy at the close of the day

Lay down, lay down, lay down, lay down and rest
Something is amiss, something is missing in this

The seeds have been planted, it’s a long row to hoe
With the crows in the new ground, how will your garden grow?

Ladybird ladybird, will you fly alone?
What will you do about your baby at home?

WIll you come a-singing? Will you come if I call?
Will you come with goodwill for me? Will you come at all?

Nothing is sacred, save the lullabye song
The melody’s ancient, the nights so long