From the recording Wings

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Carla: banjo/vocals/feet, Owen: bass, Jesse: mandolin/fiddle, Zoey: vocals


That’s What Dreamers Do 4:49
© 2018 Carla Gover, Redbird Mandala Music, BMI

There’s music in my head, playing all night long
And I wake up in the morning and write my songs

There’s honey on my tongue, and it tastes so fine
It goes running down my throat like a springtime wine

Seek ye first the kingdom within
Ask the blessing of the wind
Court the muse who’s been following you
‘Cause that’s what dreamers do

There’s a power in my voice, growing day by day
And it’s flowing to the world through the things I say

There’s a flower in my heart and it blooms anew
With a beauty blossoming there for me and you

Seek ye first…

There’s a light within my womb, and it’s a holy fire
An infinity containing divine desire

There’s a rhythm in my feet ringing loud and clear
And I just can’t get enough of these things I hear