From the recording Wings

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Cheat the Blues
© 2018 Carla Gover, Redbird Mandala Music, BMI

Come on, Jesse, we’ll go down by the river in the morning sun
Catch the cool breeze, and we’ll stay ‘till every drop of light is gone
Grab the kids and the cooler, but there ain’t no need to grab your shoes
Well, I won’t take no, gonna show you how to cheat the blues, cheat the blues

Time that you enjoy wasting isn’t really wasted time
And all the troubles that we think we have, are really only troubles in our mind
So cancel your appointments, throw away the lists with all those big to-dos
Better clear your schedule while I teach you how to cheat the blues, cheat the blues

Take your shoes off and we’ll get baptized in this holy place
Dip your hands in, go and wash the city right off your face

What have we been thinking? Running ‘round in circles ain’t no fun.
We’re chasing our own tails, running in a race that can’t be won
Living in the moment, heaven can be anywhere we choose
So keep it nice and simple and together we can find out how to cheat the blues…