From the recording Wings

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Wings Of A Dove
© 2018 Carla Gover

This is how the story begins, with all the things that I’ve been through
Guess I’ll have to try and pretend that I’m ok till I don’t have to
I see miles and miles of blue-green hills to climb
And I know nothing’s gonna hold me back this time

‘Cause I’ve never, never felt so free
I feel the changes washing over me
And I’ve never, never felt such love
It’s just like flying on the wings of a
wings of a dove

Sometimes when you think it’s the end, you find out it’s the beginning
Sometimes when you think that you’ve lost
You realize that you were winning
And I’m walking out of that wide-open door
And my dream is bigger than it was before

Funny all the time that I’ve spent thinking I was somehow broken
Funny ‘bout this cage I’ve been in, all the time the door was open
And I see miles and miles of endless, open sky
And I’ve finally figured out that I can fly