What People Are Saying...

Well, my husband was absolutely speechless and I was amazed. The song was like you have known us for a long time! I could not have imagined such an amazing, beautiful, song for J. in my wildest dreams. You are astounding.”
"We got the package yesterday afternoon. We have played the CD several times and neither one of us has been able to listen without crying. Everything about it is perfect.This will be a cherished memory for us for a long time. Just precious." ”

Custom Songwriting & Songs For Healing

Some of you know that I have been creating custom songs for all occasions for over 10 years now. What you might not know is that I am also now writing songs with my life partner, Yani Vozos, specifically for healing purposes. We'll have some samples up soon, but for now, here is a description of the work we are doing.

And to read more about my partner, you can visit his site here: http://www.yanivozos.com

Custom Songs for Healing

The process: We’d love to work with you to create your own personal custom song for healing energetic blocks and emotional wounds through music. You’ll get a lot of time, attention, and mojo from us as we: 
-Have a dialogue with you to determine your needs and how to craft the best tool for your healing 
-Meditate on and create a song and/or guided meditation for you, attuned to your needs and your personal energy 
-Record and deliver to you a beautiful piece of music that you can listen to again and again to heal on deep subconscious levels. (This will vary according to your needs and our inspiration. Yours might be a meditative song, a shamanic journey, or a spoken guided meditation set to music, just to name a few.) 
This type of spiritual tool is useful for issues such as addressing long-held emotional blocks, healing pain from past relationships with lovers or family members, connecting with your soul’s purpose, increasing joy and decreasing anxiety, improving relationships with your children, finding healthy partnerships, and many other issues that are close to the heart. 
We are both spiritual seekers who regularly use guided meditations, sacred sound, affirmations, and the power of music to heal deep-seated negative patterns in our lives, and to create healthy and harmonious relationships. We bring to this project, with conscious intention, the power of a balanced and respectful partnership of the awakened masculine and feminine energies. 
Feel free to send us a quick message with questions at carlagover@gmail.com

We’d love to help you heal your heart and soul through sounds, words, music, and vibration. Our introductory pricing for this experience is $250.

General Custom Songwriting

 After being asked to write a few custom songs for friends' weddings, I decided to offer the service to my email list to see if anyone else would be interested. The response has been overwhelming! For ten years, I have been writing steadily for a variety of people and occasions. I absolutely LOVE the process of interviewing clients, hearing about their loved ones and lives and challenges, and turning them into songs. It is an honor and a privilege. These are not generic, fill-in-the blank type songs. Each one is written just for you, your special someone, or special occasion! I strive to capture the essence of your emotion in both the lyrics and the music of the song. 

The Process 
First, I send a list of questions to get you thinking about your topic. Then, we'll have a chat on the phone so that I can gather further information and get a feel for your personality and desires, style preferences, and your overall "story". Lastly, I fire up the tea kettle or the coffee pot and work away on your song. Generally, I write and record myself on guitar, piano, and banjo. Turnaround time is generally around 2 months from our initial phone call, depending on how many songs are in the queue before yours. 

What You Get 
You will receive a professionally recorded CD with a lyric sheet. I am primarily a folk musician, so the final product will be a nice, clean, warm-sounding acoustic recording. I don't add lots of layers and slick production, so think Joni Mitchell or Emmylou Harris rather than Celine Dion or Shania Twain. That being said, I do play in a variety of styles, and I have a crowd of talented musicians standing by if I need to rock or jazz it up a bit, add drums, or even use a male lead vocal or duet. Just let me know what you're thinking in our initial consultation! 

Song Ideas 
Custom songs are great for weddings, first dances, anniversaries, birthdays, births, parents, grandparents, and to commemorate special places and people in your life.

For this kind of service, you can spend anywhere from $100 to upwards of $2500. I price my songs very affordably at $350 per song, which includes the consultation, the songwriting, and the basic recording. If you are interested in a fuller-sounding recording with my whole band (as a "First Dance" song for a wedding, for example) there will be additional charges, approached on a case-by-case basis.