Intermediate Clogging/Flatfooting Master Class
  • Intermediate Clogging/Flatfooting Master Class
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Saturday, July 11 10 AM--12 PM This class is for dancers with some experience. I will focus on teaching you steps you can use for performance at festivals and camps or jamming along with your favorite band! We'll review steps slowly, but will also spend some time dancing at a performance speed. We'll also explore tips, and tricks for improvising to accompany fiddle tunes. You can join live or watch later. Once you sign up, you'll be sent a Zoom link for class, and all needed info.

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Intermediate Clogging & Flatfooting Master Class

Beginning Clogging & Flatfooting Class


Flatfooting and clogging are part of a continuum of dance styles that evolved in the mountains as musical and dance traditions from Europe and Africa blended to create new forms. The styles are highly individual and vary between regions and dancers. They’re enjoyed as a form of social dancing perfect for square dances, jam sessions, and those occasions where a fiddle tune is so good that it moves the spirit to dance! They’re also sometimes performed in choreographed routines by dance groups throughout the world. 
In this class, students will: 

-learn a variety of basic steps that will allow them to dance along to fiddle tunes and old-time string band music. 

-explore some of the nuances that define the style 

-come away with a series of moves to practice and play with 

-begin to develop a basic tool kit of flatfoot and clogging dance moves and rhythms.   

-understand the differences between basic clogging and flatfooting steps, and learn elements of each style 

I will present a 45-minute class each week, with time to ask questions and review at the end. Using free software from Zoom, all you need is an internet-connected device equipped with a webcam and a microphone (most laptops, tablets, and smart phones work.)  All classes will be recorded and all registered students will have access to the videos, so you can sign up even if you cannot attend every class live. 

Once you sign up, you'll be sent a Zoom link for classes and all needed info. 

*A limited number of scholarships are available.
*If you need to set up an alternative or weekly payment plan, please contact me directly to make arrangements.