CornMaiz String Band

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CornMaiz is a nouveau old-time family string band from Kentucky featuring original music, traditional, old-time tunes from Eastern Kentucky, and unique versions of some famous cover songs.  The band features clawhammer banjo, mandolin, guitar, bass, fiddle, and three part harmonies.  Performances also include the amazing traditional Appalachian dance styles of flat-footing and clogging.  The group has performed at festivals and events throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and in Mexico.

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CornMaiz in Michoacán, México

CornMaiz in Michoacán, México

Yani vozos

Yani Vozos is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, mandolin, charango, and sitar) originally from Estill County, KY. He performs original music in many styles ranging from acoustic folk-rock rhythms to funky jazz grooves to traditional old-time and bluegrass, as well as the Latin music he began exploring during his service for the Peace Corps in Honduras. His music is upbeat with writing that focuses on positivity and universal spiritual connections with the earth that everyone can relate to. Yani writes music directly from his heart with the intention of sending out vibrations of love and joy to inspire people around the world. In addition to his performing career, he regularly teaches workshops in schools around the state of Kentucky, with an emphasis on creating increased access to the arts for underserved populations, refugees, and immigrants.

carla gover

Carla Gover is a 7th-generation Kentucky musician, dancer, and songwriter.  Onstage, she sings, plays guitar, and showcases the rhythms of Appalachia through flatfooting and clawhammer banjo. Her performances include a mix of the traditional tunes she grew up with as well as her socially-conscious originals. She shares her passion with hundreds of students each year in schools throughout Kentucky, where she teaches Appalachian music, dance, and culture.  She has released 5 albums of music, and has toured nationally and internationally, performing at such venues as The Kennedy Center and The Glasgow Royal Hall. She has won numerous national awards for her songwriting, including Merlefest’s Chris Austin Contest and the Kerrville New Folk Award. She is recognized as a master traditional dancer by the Kentucky Folklife Program. 

arlo barnette

Arlo Barnette is an accomplished guitarist and percussionist from the mountains of Bath County, Kentucky, who has studied many styles (including traditional Kentucky music) from a young age. He is set to graduate from Morehead State College with degrees in English and Spanish.

His stylistic range and formidable chops add flavor and virtuosity to the band, and his charismatic performance style makes him a joy to watch onstage.