Cushaw Recipe For You!

Happy Fall!

I've had so many requests for my cushaw spice syrup recipe that I decided to post it here on my page. First of all, for those of you who have never tried cushaw, it's delicious! It is one…


New video!

Here is a video we made recently, while the locusts were still singing! "Ain't a Bit Drunk!"

Exciting Times!

We have been having a blast playing around the region, and are putting together some overseas tours, too! We are happy to be spreading the traditions of our beloved Kentucky with audiences far and wide. Here is a recent picture…

Summer Banjo Lessons

Howdy! I'll be teaching at a couple of excellent summer camps this year, and also offering lessons from my home studio in Lexington, KY. Email me at about lessons, and visit the following websites for camp information.

Cowan Creek


Homemade Porch Video with CornMaiz!

Hey, we've been having fun in this new little ensemble we're calling CornMaiz, which is just me, my daughter Zoey, her fiancé, Arlo, and my partner, Yani Vozos! We're doing lots of traditional tunes, some originals, and a few covers…

Granny & The Bees

Granny & The Bees 
"A swarm of bees in May is worth a load of hay." 
This is a suburban tree, in a suburban yard, in the suburban neighborhood where my Appalachian family moved after my dad lost his job…

Choreography Grant

I'm excited to announce that I received a grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women, for the creation of a new feminist song plus choreography, and I'll get to work with the fabulous Teresa Tomb of Rakadu Gypsy Dance. I'm…

Kentucky meets Mexico

I've been having a blast learning new steps and creating fusion dance with my new niece, Paulina Vazquez. (My nephew has excellent taste!) We have been collaborating as part of the Cornbread & Tortillas project.

Master Artist Fellowship

I'm happy to announce that my apprentice, Susan Howell, and I have received a Folk & Traditional Arts Fellowship from the Kentucky Arts Council, where I'll be sharing some flatfoot dance traditions from the mountains with her over the course…

What My Mom Taught Me About Making A CD

So, my mother didn't know anything about making albums per se, but something she DID teach me helped me get through a recent challenge we encountered while making the latest Zoe Speaks CD. See, we found out a few weeks…

New CD Coming Soon!

I'm so excited to be putting the finishing touches on the NEW album with my band, Zoe Speaks! We have been hard at work in the studio and are very much looking forward to sharing our music with the world…


Do you ever have so much going on that you don't know whether you're coming or going? That's what the last few months have been like for me, but I have loved it all because I have seen firsthand that…