I'm super-excited to release my new song/video on the first day of the year. It's a feminist Appalachian ballad that I performed with my daughter, and the subject is very dear to my heart.

This song is a re-working of the Peggy Seeger song "B Side" as an Appalachian warning ballad, only this time, instead of warning young ladies about how to behave so as to preserve their safety and honor, it asks us to imagine a world where the roles are reversed and men are the ones who have to mind their behaviors, style of dress, and comportment in order to avoid disaster.

I place the song in the vernacular of my native East Kentucky music, and my daughter Zoey Barrett joins in to sing and harmonize with me. In this video, we collaborate with central Kentucky dance troup Shisha Collective and choreographer Teresa Tomb to add in rhythms, dancing, and imagery which complement the song and help tell the story of two menaced and harassed men. (It is telling that during the filming of this video, the women were catcalled on 3 different occasions.)

It is our hope that the song will help create change surrounding the violence and objectification that women endure globally, and inspire compassion and understanding among men about what women experience on a daily basis.

Musicians: banjo/vocals: Carla Gover vocals: Zoey Barrett drum: Diane Timmons finger cymbals: Teresa Tomb choreography: Teresa Tomb dancers: Shisha Dance Collective video: Jared Hamilton Visuals B-Side Lyrics

© Peggy Seeger additional lyrics and music ©Carla Gover 2021 BMI

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