Bands & Projects

Carla's passion for music, dance, and working in community means that she participates in a number of groups and ensembles for performance, teaching, and community art-making and outreach. These are her main, consistent collaborations, each available for a variety of performance and outreach. 

Carla is available for collaboration with your ensemble in the realms of music, dance, choreography, career development in the arts, music production, and custom songwriting.

Showcasing the best of Kentucky

cornmaiz string band

A nouveau old-time family string band featuring original music, traditional, tunes from Eastern Kentucky, and fun covers. Performances also include traditional Appalachian flat-footing and clogging.

A bilingual Folk Opera

Cornbread & Tortillas

This dynamic bilingual production features stories, music, and dancing. Audiences will journey from the Appalachian region of Eastern Kentucky to Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and beyond, exploring connections and celebrating our shared human experience all the while!

Original roots music from the heart of Kentucky.

zoe speaks

This band draws on their deep roots in the region to put their own spin on everything from traditional ballads to finely-crafted originals. Close harmonies are a defining feature of their sound, and while their music is drenched in the flavor of the mountain music they grew up with, they skirt the cutting edge of tradition. Their music follows in the tracks of socially conscious Kentucky writers like Jean Ritchie and John Prine, with a distinctly progressive bent.